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“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.”

– Frida Kahlo (via adeepseababy)

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I’m terrified of librarians, they make me stutter

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Prt Sc of images collected by Reba Maybury @ Sang Bleu


Prt Sc of images collected by Reba Maybury @ Sang Bleu

I’m sick of people. Sometimes I think I should spend the rest of my life inside a fucking cavern.

“Yes, I saw Twilight — my granddaughter made me watch it, she said it was the greatest vampire film ever. After the ‘film’ was over I wanted to smack her across her head with my shoe, but I do not want a (tell-all) book called Grannie Dearest written on me when I die. So instead I gave her a DVD of Murnau’s 1922 masterpiece Nosferatu and told her, "Now that’s a vampire film!" And that goes for all of you! Watch Nosferatu instead!”

I have the best boyfriend.

“Noi abbiamo più rispetto per i morti che per i vivi. Sarebbe necessario rispettare gli uni e gli altri.”

– Voltaire (via lalunaditraverso)

Perfect feets @ Musée du Louvre


Tokyo Story

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“It always fascinates me when I meet a woman who says she is not a feminist.

(1) On average women are paid 19% less than men
(2) In the US a man who raped a woman who was HIV positive, contracted the disease himself & went on to try and sue her
(3) 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men.. 100% of them will never be pregnant
(4) In certain cultures, babies and children have their genitals mutilated in order to become more desirable to their future husband
(5) We live in a society that teaches women how to protect themselves against rape rather than teaching people that rape is not acceptable
(6) The focus in court cases of violence/sex crime against women is always ‘what could she have done to prevent it?’
(7) Songs that glorify rape and sexual violence against women still top the charts again and again
(8) In China, female fetuses are aborted because they are seen to be useless to their family
(9) Over summer, many secondary schools told their female students they could not wear certain items of clothing because it distracted the male students
(10) Across the world girls as young as 6 are forced to marry men sometimes 10 times their age or face death at the hands of their family
(11) The media constantly commentate on women’s appearance, not achievements
(12) 85% of victims of sex trafficking are women
(13) Virginity was a concept created by men, who decided their penis’ were so important they changed the fundamental structure of a woman

Is all of that okay with you? It shouldn’t be.

Forget what i’m going to teach my daughter. What are you going to teach your son? (via mymangotree)

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“I act and react, and suddenly I wonder “Where is the girl that I was last year?..Two years ago?..What would she think of me now?”

– Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals (via lexophil)

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Almost a thousand people in West Africa die from ebola and nobody bats an eyelash, yet 2 white people in the US contract it and miraculously a cure is released and given to them because they’re an “extreme circumstance.” Satire is dead and real life is a dystopian hellscape

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[jean-claude brialy @ éric rohmer’s ”le genou de claire” (1970)]



[jean-claude brialy @ éric rohmer’s ”le genou de claire” (1970)]

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“A woman from the audience asks: ‘Why were there so few women among the Beat writers?’ and [Gregory] Corso, suddenly utterly serious, leans forward and says: “There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families put them in institutions, they were given electric shock. In the ’50s if you were male you could be a rebel, but if you were female your families had you locked up.”

– Stephen Scobie, on the Naropa Institute’s 1994 tribute to Allen Ginsberg (via pomeray)

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“August 2, 1914: Germany has declared war on Russia. Went swimming in the afternoon.”

– Franz Kafka, Diary (via hrsvt)

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